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We’ve changed our clothes

We fancied a change in how our brand looked; a bit like having a change of clothes, we wanted to make sure that whatever we chose fitted us perfectly but more importantly we needed to feel comfortable wearing it. We wanted to make sure that the design captured our roots, and the words on our website and social media reflected the values of our business.  For us this meant being completely honest, and just simply as we are.

From that starting point the introduction on our new labels and on our website is:

…. At Little Valley we brew beer that takes you further, look past the scene, go beyond what’s been and focus on what matters: quality, taste and character.

The new design captures the contour lines of the Yorkshire landscape where we live and work. Like all good journey’s we want to take people with us every sip of the way, whether you’re old or young, craft geek or big brand lager drinker, you’re welcome to join us!

Shop our range of organic, fairtrade, vegan beers now. Delivered from our brewery in North Yorkshire, direct to your doorstep.


  • Good afternoon to you all .
    I have just received the two cases of mixed bottles of your little valley beers .
    Very well packed I must say.
    None Broken.
    Well done and will be trying them over the Easter weekend.

  • We started to buy your beer from Abel & Cole with our weekly delivery of organic food. I can honestly say I have never tasted such delicious beer! I am hooked on the Stoodley Stout which is so morish and last week I tried the Moor Ale – also absolutely splendid. The flavours are so subtle and so satisfying. I look forward to trying more of your wonderful beers. Congratulations!

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