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International Women’s Day – celebrating diversity in the beer industry

By Sue Cooper, Co-Owner at Little Valley Brewery

In recent years, we have certainly seen an increase in the number of women engaging with the beer industry, whether through brewing it, selling it or drinking it! In an industry typically dominated by men, this is a trend we hope is set to continue and, over the last ten years especially, is something that has progressed enormously.

Take a look at Little Valley Brewery for example; we are an indication of diversity within the industry, with myself and two of our production team being women. Despite this, there is still a long way to go but there are more and more opportunities for women to get involved in the industry, especially through the emergence of the smaller breweries that are appearing on the scene. However, this brings with it its own challenges and competition is fiercer than ever!

My advice to women wanting to get involved in the industry is to do your own thing – don’t follow the crowd, follow your passion. Beer should be enjoyed by all, from working in the industry to enjoying the drink itself!