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LVB X brings a touch of tradition to a crowded craft beer market

As you may have spotted, we’ve just launched our premium, organic and vegan barleywine ale to celebrate our 10th anniversary. Based on a traditional English brewing method, LVB X is fruity and malty, with a 10% ABV and is perfect for enjoying during the long winter months.

A traditional English Barley Wine is a strong beer – usually around 8-12% and dates back to the 18th Century. Originally brewed for the upper classes as an alternative to Claret, we’ve drawn on this to create our guide to enjoying the little luxuries of life whilst supping a glass of LVB X.

From choosing the right glass, to matching it with a £700 block of cheese, our guide covers it all, but only 100 bottles of LVB X will be available via the brewery’s website from 7th December priced at £18.00 including P&P, with the rest being sold via independent retailers across Yorkshire, so order quickly to ensure you can enjoy a taste of this limited edition ale.

It’s time to forget the stein

To really enjoy LVB X, or any traditional barley wine, try pouring it into a Snifter – typically used for serving brandy or cognac. This will provide space to enjoy the aromas of the beer, whilst making you feel pretty classy at the same time.

Get your glad rags on

If you’re drinking a premium beer, you need to feel premium. For the gents, get your James Bond suit and tie out, for the ladies put on your best jewellery and a splash of Chanel No 5. Beer isn’t just for dark pubs; so don’t be scared to get dressed up to feel a bit fancy.

Beer and cheese – a perfect couple

Beer experts know that a classic barley wine goes perfectly with Stilton cheese. But if you really want to step up the luxury, enjoy it with a piece of Pule – produced in Serbia and retailing at around £734 per kilogram, it’s the perfect pairing for such a magnificent drink.

Ditch the cosy blanket

If you’re enjoying your barley wine on the sofa in front of the telly, then channel your inner Cleopatra with the finest silk throws and velvet cushions. The 18th Century upper classes wouldn’t have settled for anything less, so why should you? For extra fancy-points, keep your little finger out while you take a sip.

Our Master Brewer and Co-owner, Wim, commented:

“Lots of people think they know how to enjoy a good beer, but they don’t consider every factor that goes into enjoying the perfect pint. A barley wine is just too tasty (and too strong!) to be guzzled down and needs to be treated properly. With the launch of LVB X, we want to show beer drinkers everywhere that sometimes the old ones are the best and they don’t always need to turn to the new brews, or international craft beers, for something different!”

Beer writer and editor of the Good Beer Guide, Roger Protz, added his review:

“Brewed with 8 European hops, ruby red colour with enormous aroma of pistachio nuts, marzipan, sweet grain and floral and spicy hops. Rich grain, nuts and sweet candied fruits dominate the palate with a gentle hint of spicy hops. Sweetness fades in the finish with nuts and fruit taking control, balanced by spicy hops and ending bittersweet and finally dry. A beer that will improve with age.”

Yorkshire stockists of LVB X include:

  • Oasis in Hebden Bridge
  • TJ’s Liquor Store in Todmorden
  • Bear Shop in Todmorden
  • Cocktails in Littleborough
  • Archer Road Beer Shop in Sheffield
  • Far Barsey Farm Shop
  • Unicorn Grocery in Chorlton
  • York Beer & Wine Shop
  • Shambles Tavern in York

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  • Just bought a bottle of LVBX at Calderdale Beer Festival with best before date of Dec 17. Does it have to be drunk by then? How long will it keep?

  • Thanks for your support Dean! If the best before date is the end of December 2017, it means that you are best advised to do that. However, there are no health reasons or impacts on the beer if you don’t. We drink them much later than their best before dates as they continue to mature and we still enjoy them. However, it’s completely up to you what you decide to do for yourself. Maybe try one now and try another one after the date and judge for yourself! If you want to check out further or speak to our brewer give us a bell on: 01422 883 888. Cheers!

  • Why can’t one buy ales like these in pubs anymore? A barley wine ‘topper’ used to be the best way to cheer up a pint of watery bitter.
    Nowadays almost every pub you enter has the same dreary bottle-shelf selection of American Budweiser, and nasty sickly fruit ciders. Brown ale and pale ale are also no more.
    How did the licensed trade get to this low level of customer choice?
    I notice that your LVBX stockists are all shops, not a pub or club among them. Why is that?

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