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The best beers to enjoy with your Easter eggs this weekend

Easter is the perfect excuse to indulge in as much chocolate as possible with no regrets. For all the adults looking to treat themselves this Easter weekend, a good beer can be the perfect accompaniment to wash down all those chocolate eggs. Our very own Master Brewer and food scientist, Wim van der Spek, has put together his top beer and chocolate pairings to enjoy this weekend:

Vanilla Porter with milk chocolate 

“Compliment the sweet and creamy flavour of milk chocolate with a rich porter. Our Vanilla Porter with subtle vanilla notes works perfectly for this, as it isn’t overly sweet and balances the flavours perfectly.”

Little Valley Brewery

Python IPA with dark chocolate

“If you’re more into your dark chocolate, go for a powerful IPA to compliment its bitter elements. With a strong malty taste and perfect balance of hops and bitterness, our Python IPA is a great match for chocolate that’s high in cocoa.”


Try a stout for versatility

“The rich and creamy flavour of a stout works well with all types of chocolate, so it’s perfect if you’re indulging this weekend! Our Stoodley Stout, which contains chocolate malt, has hints of orange and citrus so it’s the perfect pairing if you like a bit of everything.”


Wim continued:

“Easter is a great time for kids traditionally, but we wanted to show how the grown ups can indulge this weekend as well. Beer is a hugely versatile drink that can be paired with most types of food, which is something we always try and encourage. The key to finding the perfect match is looking at the tasting notes for the beer and picking out similarities in the flavour of the chocolate.”

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