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More Government support needed for the beer industry in this year’s Budget

The UK craft beer industry has grown exponentially in recent years, and is now, more than ever, under increasing pressure as it faces price rises and major uncertainty. Ahead of the Budget next week, we are once again calling for support from the Government in the form of a cut in beer duty, which will be a step in the right direction for our industry.

The nation is lacking any real clarity on Brexit and currently the only thing that seems certain is price rises. The brewing industry is one of the remaining manufacturing bases in the UK, when you add to this the wealth of job creation that exists across the large breweries and the estimated 1,424 small breweries you begin to recognise the major economic value of the beer and pub industries in this country. Our concern is that if further pressure is put on our industry, as well as the foodservice and hospitality industries – without any real support from the Government – it will make it incredibly difficult for us to thrive and innovate into the future.