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EU Beers: Little Valley Brewery’s Exit Poll

Ahead of this week’s referendum, we have predicted the outcome with our beer based exit poll. As many of you know, we created three beers ahead of the VOTE_IN_FRONTreferendum: In, Out and IDK (I Don’t Know), to encourage voters to engage in the debate and have their say.

With just two days to go until voting takes place, we’re announcing our results…

The IN beer has been the best seller of the three, with Aire Bar in Leeds reporting a 68% IN to 32% OUT split earlier this month, as well as Manchester based Nip and Tipple, which gave drinkers a choice of all three beers, also reporting that they had sold out of IN. Brudenell Social Club, the official polling station in Leeds and beer polling station for Little Valley, reported that they were forced to switch their pump clips at the bar to ensure they sold the OUT beer, with students in particular making an effort to ensure the cask of IN was emptied.



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