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Celebrate British Sandwich Week with the perfect beer and sandwich match!

Who doesn’t love a good sarnie? To celebrate British Sandwich Week (14th – 20th May), Wim, our Master Brewer at Little Valley Brewery, has pulled together his top classic sarnies and the beers that go with them best to enjoy throughout the week!

“A good sandwich is a food staple across most parts of the world. But with so many variations going so much further than a simple ham and cheese, choosing which beer to enjoy with them can be tricky. Beer can be paired with most types of foods and the key to finding that perfect match is to take a look at the tasting notes of the beer and match them to prominent flavours in the food. Wim’s done the work for you and selected his top picks.”

Simple, yet effective – Withens Pale Ale and chicken

“A classic favourite of many Brits – roast chicken and rocket salad. Accompany this tasty sandwich with our Withens Pale Ale, the refreshing floral Cascade hops and hints of spice will make for a satisfying match.”

Something more rich? Try this Cragg Vale Bitter match

“Our Cragg Vale Bitter is a rich, red-brown coloured ale with a full and rounded malty body, making it a real match for a traditional beef and horseradish sandwich. The clean bitter finish makes enjoying this sandwich even more of a treat!”

Ginger Pale Ale for a Moroccan twist

“With a hint of ginger and citrus, our Ginger Pale Ale accompanies the more adventurous and spicy flavours. I would recommend pairing this with a Moroccan hummus sandwich for a flavoursome feast.”

Sweet tooth? Stoodley Stout is for you

“The rich and creamy flavour of stout complements a chocolate taste, so I would recommend teaming it with a chocolate brioche. Pair this with Wensleydale cheese and you have a winning combination!”

Meat & Dairy free

“All of our beers are 100% vegan acting as a great match for many favourite vegan sandwiches! Our Moor Ale acts as the ideal match to a mushroom hazelnut pate sandwich, with the smoked peat flavours and a full bodied taste of the ale complementing the rich flavours of the pate.”