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Dear University of Oxford: different shaped beer glasses are nothing new

With a study coming out from scientists at The University of Oxford revealing that fruity beers taste better in a round glass[1], we thought that we should provide a guide for which glasses you should be using for which beer.

Wim van der Spek, our Co-Owner and Master Brewer, commented:

“It’s no secret in the beer world that different shaped glasses can affect the way we enjoy a good beer. Each beer style has unique qualities that can be enhanced with the perfect pour into the right glass not to mention how it’s stored and the temperature it’s kept at. We brew many different styles here: IPA, porter, wheat beer and bitters to name a few, so we’re well placed to offer some advice on how they should be enjoyed properly.”

Wim provides his tips on how to enjoy various styles of beer:

IPA – Pint or shaker glass

This is the type of glass you’re most likely to see down the pub and is typically used to serve lagers and IPAs. It’s straight up and down shape makes it easy to drink from, so it’s the perfect choice for a few beers with your mates down the pub.

Stout or Porter – Snifter   

Typically associated with drinking Brandy, the snifter is a perfect choice for enjoying a stout or porter. This is because its round shape captures the strong aromas and flavours that you get with these styles, meaning you get more flavour when you take a sip.

Blonde Ale – Pilsner glass

This tall, thin glass helps to showcase the beer’s colour and carbonation whilst maintaining a good head on pouring. This means that the aromas are the first thing the drinker will notice upon drinking, allowing them to pick up some of the more subtle flavours associated with this style.

Wheat beer – Weizen glass

Long and thin at the bottom and widening at the top, this tall glass is designed to hold the aroma of a wheat beer, whilst helping to maintain its head and show off its colour. Also, the narrow bottom helps to trap some of the sediment that you get in a wheat beer.

But don’t just take our word for it, try out different beers in glasses for yourself by taking a look at our online shop.