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April Fool’s Day – The worst, weirdest and wackiest beers!

To celebrate April Fools’ Day this year, we have taken a look at some of the worst, weirdest and wackiest beer creations. From the consumption of a 120-year-old beer from the ocean, to beer made from sewage water, you’d think these beer stories were April Fools’ jokes!

1. Beer made with sewage water

Yes, you read correctly – beer made with sewage water! A California brewery has made a beer that uses treated sewage water. Don’t knock it until you try it, curious customers are said to describe the taste as ‘outstanding’ and ‘delicious’! Think we’ll probably pass on this one though, thank you.

 2. Beer made with beard yeast

That’s it… We’ve reached peak hipster.

One brewer in Oregon used his facial hair to help create new flavours – yep, we’re right there cringing with you!

3. Beer from under the ocean

They say alcohol grows better with age, although this one might be pushing it. A bottle of beer thought to be at least 120-years-old was found off the coast of Halifax in Canada by a scuba diver and apparently tasted “pretty good”. We’ll take your word on that one mate.

 4. Beer from space

Ever wanted to try a beer that was just out of this world? Ninkasi Brewing Company sent yeast to space, recovered it and brought it back to brew a beer. Seems like an awful lot of work to brew beer, but who are we to judge?!

5. Beer made with bread

Waste not, want not! Leftover bread rolls have been used to create a beer in a project between Jaw Brew and bakery Aulds, set up by Glasgow Chamber of Commerce and Zero Waste Scotland. Tasty beer and it helps the environment – we like this one!

Our beers may not have been sent to space, neither are they made from weird ingredients, but we’re sure you’ll love them! You can buy them here: