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Put a spring in your step

The darkness of winter will soon be replaced with the revitalising freshness of spring, which also brings with it a gentle change in the beer we drink and the food we eat.  We’re now surrounded by a vibrancy of colour that you’ll see in your glass and on your plate. We’re talking fresh foods and fragrant ales where floral, grassy, blossom, lemon, citrus and tropical fruit notes abound. Sound springtime enough for you?

Salmon and asparagus are springtime favourites and our Hebden’s Wheat works wonderfully well with both. Its lightness won’t overwhelm the salmon and there’s a fruity sweetness to the beer that will complement the fish too.

Fresh lamb springs onto your plate this time of year and our Cragg Vale Bitter makes a fine accompaniment. Crisp and fruity is just the right level of flavour intensity to match the lamb and its carbonation does a great job of cutting through the texture of the meat and refreshing the palate in between bites.

A springtime dessert of rhubarb crumble is perfectly partnered by our Vanilla Porter. The subtle vanilla notes will add a flourish of flavour and the chocolate notes of this dark ale will contrast the tart character of the rhubarb, letting some of the more subdued flavours come out to play.

So spring is here and it’s a good time to eat delicious fresh produce and pair your dishes with a Little Valley beer. What will be in your glass?

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