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Beer and your favourite chocolate treats

It’ll soon be the four-day Easter weekend – what a pleasure! Spring has sprung, daffodils are sprouting, there’s more light in the evening and we all get to eat chocolate for an entire weekend.

To celebrate this four-day festival of cocoa consumption why not explore that perfect pairing – beer and chocolate.

As with all beer and food pairing there is no right or wrong, but if you choose the right Little Valley beer to pair with your champion choc they really can bring out the best in each other.

Fruit & Nut is something of a favourite and our Cragg Vale Bitter will partner it well, with the sweetness from the malt in the beer matching the sweetness in the both the chocolate and its raisins.

Another Easter classic is the Chocolate Orange. Here our Hebden’s Wheat will work well, with the beers fruity notes partnering the orange of the choc very well and the beers carbonation will also cleanse the palate perfectly.

How about the milk choc and dark? For those you need beers with different flavour profiles. For the less intense milk chocolate our Tod’s Blonde will match the gentler flavour intensity perfectly. The dark, on the other hand, requires a beer that’s equally dark and delicious, and our Stoodley Stout is the perfect complement with the beer and the choc mirroring each other brilliantly.

Even white chocolate can find a friend in a Little Valley Beer. Moor Ale is a smoky, peaty beer that will contrast the sweetness of white chocolate, but that sweetness from the choc will also temper some of the beers heathery character (but not too much) that makes for a combo that’s more than the sum of its parts.

So this Easter give a Little Valley beer with chocolate a go. It’ll take your favourite chocolate to whole new level.

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